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Smart Selection is an ICT provider with a leading specialist in the field of printing technologies, services and supplies. Smart Selection provide all levels of Printing consultation to their customers which will help them to continuously support, develop and enhance printing objectives in their organizations.

Smart Selection was established in 1421H (2000G) and since that time, Smart Selection has the assured aspiration toward achieving consistent excellence. In 1424H (2003G), Smart Selection have eager to focus in printing technologies field and its products but not relinquish ICT other range of business. We believe that the more we specialize, the better we excel and can be able to provide our customers with the outstanding services.

We successfully continued our development progress and expansion plans and by today we have 9 pioneered specialized branches in printing technologies products and services with diverse range of customers around almost all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our branches and staff are available to provide the required service in Central Region, Western Region and Eastern Region of KSA.

In 1426H (2005G), we have created new brand name called “Smart Ink Tech” to assure and proof our commitment toward the support of our deep specialization that we are continuously developing and enhancing.


Smart Selection

Yanbu alsinayah 41912,
Po Box 30015

Tel : +966 14 393 5575
Fax : +966 14 393 5585
Email : info@smartselection.com.sa

Main Branches

  • RiyadhTel: 011-2926996

  • JeddahTel: 012-6571358

  • MadinaTel: 014-8486002

  • YanbuTel: 014-3220031

  • JubailTel: 013-3625052

  • TaifTel: 012-7347576